Sport is everywhere... and, although the media focus almost entirely on professional sport, amateur sport still delivers the most benefit to the most people.  Small local clubs provide a safe environment for healthy exercise and competition - but, even more importantly, meeting places for social interaction based on health and development and fun!  Parents can drop their kids off for tennis practice knowing that it's a great way for them to keep healthy and learn how to develop and use skills.  And active parents can join in, playing at their own level or just watching and encouraging their kids.  We get all that - and we also understand that clubs need to communicate with their members as well as the general public in a positive, direct and timely manner...without breaking the (often fragile) bank!  That's where we come in - delivering the most sports punch for a modest budget.  Check this Arena Arts site, the Charlottetown Tennis Club (in Toronto-Scarborough, Ontario, Canada) to see what we mean:


Charlottetown Tennis Club