Music is a big part of modern life... But back in the day, it was the biggest thing going - the raison d'etre of an entire generation.  And we're not talking about the 70's!  We're talking "Jazz Age", when monster aggregations like "The Basie Band", "Ellington" and "The Thundering Herd" stalked the clubs and dancehalls of North America and the turntables of the world.  Here in the 21st century, the style lives on, handed down from generation to generation of jazz musicians with an ear for subtle harmony, a love of soaring melody and a feel for powerful rhythm.  Arena Arts loves big band jazz and hosts some great web sites of Canadian bands in the swingin' style, like...  

Swing Shift Big Band

Ontario's Premier Jazz Orchestra has been a client for more than ten years - a great relationship built on trust. Bandleader Jim John has been at the forefront of the Canadian Big Band movement for a decade and Arena Arts stands right behind him, delivering platform security and a range of tools that ensures that he can get his message out to a broad audience.
 The site features a CD/download shop,videos, photos, sound clips, eCommerce links, a gig calendar, newsletter and lots more.

Click their home page for "that swingin' feel":